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If you are throwing a St. Paddy’s Day celebration this year, here are a few great ideas for a menu that your guests will love, and that will make the event a little more family friendly! Traditional Fare With A Twist There are a few ways you can create appetizing nibbles for your guests while still keeping the Irish theme. Try adding some Guinness to a cheddar fondue, or a few twists with the infamous Irish potato such as serving roasted potato wedges or potato skins. You can also use the color green as a food-related theme in your menu by serving such things as a spinach dip or

With times being as tough as they are, finding the money to make a special Valentine’s Day for your sweetheart can be difficult. Whether it is your loving spouse of 20 years or the new special someone in your life, giving them a Valentine’s Day to remember without looking cheap can be made simple by creating a romantic dining experience at home. Here are a few ideas to create a romantic dining room for Valentine’s Day that will look like a million, but cost you virtually nothing! Set The Scene! Creating a romantic dining room can be accomplished with just a few simple

Halloween can be one of the most child-like and fun holidays of the year. From the adorable and excited children in their costumes to costume parties for adults, Halloween is really a time to let out the kid in all of us and have a good time. Whether just entertaining the Trick-or-Treaters or having a party, creating a spooky looking yard and exterior for your home can really add to the atmosphere of the event. Here are a few great ideas to make your home and yard look “spooktacular”! Pumpkins And Jack-O’-Lanterns Autumn is a great time of year to find lots of decorations that

Create Kid-Safe Jack-O’-Lanterns Halloween is a great time of year to let the creativity go wild, and when decorating for this fun and family-oriented holiday, it really wouldn’t be complete without a jack-o’-lantern or two! While carving pumpkins is the traditional way to create a jack-o’-lantern, if you have young children or kids who want to create jack-o’-lanterns without adult supervision, then it can be a dangerous and risky craft idea. You would be surprised at the number of kids, and even parents, who end up in emergency rooms each year from pumpkin

Christmas is probably one of the easiest times of the year to use environmentally friendly decorating ideas, and given the more traditional decorating trends for the season and the ever increasing need for all of us to contribute to making the planet a greener place, it’s never been easier. Here a few great ways to decorate your home for the holidays and be greener at the same time! Green Tree Ideas Replace your old Christmas lights with new LED lights. They use less electricity and last longer than the older ones. If you put up a real tree for the holidays consider using a live tree

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, a time spent with family and friends. It is also the time of year when we can spend a lot of money, and in these tough times finding ways to save during the holidays is always welcome. Using the natural bounty available at this time of year is a great, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly option for decorating for the holidays. Here are a few creative ideas for your Thanksgiving decorating! Harvest Vegetables The vegetables that are available during the harvest season are not only great to eat, but are also a beautiful and

Decorating for the Fourth of July is really a great and easy way to show your patriotic pride, and with our nation’s colors of red, white, and blue going so well together, it also couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s decoration ideas for a Fourth of July party, or even if you are just looking to give your home a more patriotic look all year round, here are a few great ideas for infusing the traditional, or the contemporary American look, into your home! Denim Blue Really, what could be more American than blue jeans? Denim is a great fabric for decorating for the holiday or

Easy Easter Decorating Ideas

Wednesday, 03 April 2013 by

Easter is often left out when thinking of holiday decorating, but since it is also the beginning of the spring season it is a great time to freshen up your home and add some of the lively and vibrant colors of the season. Here are a few easy and inexpensive decorating ideas to get your home ready for the Easter holiday as well as liven up your home for spring! Set The Table A centerpiece for the dining room table is always an easy way to inject holiday or seasonal spirit into any home. For an Easter inspired table remember to balance color and design. Colors like pastel blues and yellows

Hanukkah Decorating Ideas

Wednesday, 03 April 2013 by

Hanukkah is a very special time of year on the Jewish calendar. Known as the Festival of Lights, it is an eight-day celebration of many events important to the Jewish faith, and most prominently the miracle of a one-day supply of lamp oil that burned for eight days. It is a great time for family and friends to get together, and if you are hosting a Hanukkah party this year, here are some great decorating ideas to set the scene! More Than A Menorah! If you are Jewish, or have hosted a Hanukkah party before, then you probably already have a menorah, but there are lots of other ways to

The traditional Chinese New Year is becoming more and more a celebrated festival around the world, and it is a really great way to celebrate Chinese culture or just have fun with friends and family. Usually falling in late January or February, it is a great time of year to add a little cheer to cold winter nights. If you are hosting a Chinese New Year’s party this year, here are a few ideas for creating a fun, traditional, and inexpensive night! Prepare Your Home For Your Guests The New Year in Chinese culture is a very important time of year, and is a time of new beginnings and a