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You can use steel wool to: Fill a screw hole that has become too big for the screw. Stuff the hole with steel wool and re-insert the screw. Make an instant pincushion. Stuff an old sock with steel wool and tie tightly for a pincushion that will keep pins and needles rust free. Repel kitchen pests, by placing steel wool around the pipes under the sink. You can use nail polish remover to: Remove sticker residue from glass objects. Unstick your fingers after a superglue mishap. Remove marker and ink from appliances, glass, and stainless steel. You can use olive oil to: Revitalize

DO water every five to six days during the warm season.
DO water early in the morning.
DO set sprinkler water spray close to the ground, not in high arcs.
DO soak the area for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
DON’T water during the heat of the day (you lose ⅓ of the water to evaporation).
DON’T over-water, as you will lose nutrients and encourage rot and disease.
DON’T water too frequently, as it encourages shallow roots and weak grass.
DON’T water at night, as it encourages disease.

Walk across the street and look at your overall landscape. Are shrubs trimmed neatly? Windows and doors shouldn’t be overshadowed by overgrown bushes. Clear your entry, sidewalk, and plant beds of leaves and debris. Add a new layer of attractive mulch to all planting areas. Are there bare spots or weeds in the lawn? Your local garden supplier can tell you the best way to remedy this problem. Hardscape (bird feeders or houses, simple water features, statuary) can add warmth and character to an otherwise drab terrain. Make your front door more appealing with a fresh coat of paint

For an environmentally safe insecticide boil five or six chopped garlic cloves in a gallon of water until soft. Add one tablespoon of biodegradable detergent and let sit for a day before spraying on plants. A spray bottle of two parts vinegar and one part water is good for getting rid of slugs on your garden plants. For indoor and outdoor plants clay pots are better than plastic. Clay pots allow the plants to breathe and are cooler for the plant roots. When you change the water in your aquarium save it to use on your houseplants. They will love it! A paste of baking soda and water will

Before you begin pick your paint colors carefully. You may love one color, but will it go well with your furnishings, carpeting, and adjoining wall areas? Choosing with care can save you a frustrating and costly re-do. Use water-based latex paint for ease in application and cleanup. Buy the correct paint for the surface you are painting. Wood floors, concrete, masonry or metal require specific products. Before you dip your brush in that paint, assemble every item you will need: Enough paint for the entire job (you don’t want to take your paint-smeared self back to the store in the

Safety Tips for your home.

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Never leave standing liquids unattended. Stay within arm’s reach while your child is bathing or is near any container of water. If the phone rings, let it ring; stay with your child. Prevent tap water scalds by adjusting the temperature on your hot water heater to 120° F. Keep medicines and hazardous household chemicals locked up and out of sight. Use child-resistant packaging for medicines and hazardous household chemicals, and call 1-800-222-1222 if a poisoning occurs. Cut the loops on window-blind cords and call 1-800-506-4636 for a free repair kit. Make sure your hairdryer

Before you start your room re-arrangement, first empty the room completely. Take down all the wall décor and remove any rugs. Now, look at the room as if you are seeing it for the first time. Consider what activities you want to take place in the room. Let form follow function. The number one mistake people make is to push all the furniture back against the walls of a den or living room. This makes conversation difficult and creates a walkway through the middle of the conversation area. Try pulling your furniture out into the room into a cozy grouping for conversation. Experiment with

Garage sales are events you stage, not events you attend. Unless you are a professional junk or antique dealer, there is no reason for you to ever attend a garage sale. Think of them as the entry level drugs offered by the clutter “drug lord” to get you hooked. Discover the joys of borrowing. Let’s be honest. There are some things you might only use two or three times a year (fondue set, espresso maker, sewing machine, Super Dooper Foot Spa, etc.). You don’t need to buy these things! Your friends will be happy to dig them out from under their beds and loan them to you

The first step in winning the Clutter Wars is to de-bug your own mind! Most of us don’t recognize clutter when it falls out of the closet onto our heads, so how in the world will we conquer it? Let’s start by defining what clutter is. Clutter is anything in your home: That is out of place That is broken That you have not used or worn in more than a year That you dislike Now don’t panic. I won’t be telling you to throw away everything that falls within the above definition of clutter. BUT once you get a clear picture in your head of what constitutes clutter you

In our last “Homeowner’s Tips” we defined clutter as anything that is out of place, broken, unused, or just something you really dislike. Today we are going to start in one small place (a closet or junk drawer will do nicely) and put things in order! First, you will need four cardboard boxes and a large trash can. Label the boxes as follows: Put Away Fix Set Free Mementos Set an alarm clock to go off in one to two hours. You don’t want to overdo things! Open the closet or junk drawer and select the first object. Now we will use the four definitions of clutter to help us