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New Owners of San Ramon Golf Club

by / Friday, 29 April 2016 / Published in rancho ramon current news

Well, the big news of course is the talk about the New Owners of San Ramon Golf Club, and any plans they might have that could affect our values. There have been rumors that they plan on launching an effort to develop some, or all, of the course by building homes and/or condos on the land.

Needless to say, this is private land, and they are private land owners, and like all of us, they may have ideas for their property that don’t always sit well with the neighbors.

Still, it’s one thing to build a tree house overlooking your neighbors previously private yard, and another to forever alter (there’s a PC word!) the beautiful views of scores of homes!

Are they really planning on doing this?!! More importantly, can they really do this?

Well, as they say, “The Devil is in the details”!

First. Let’s look at the players.

Player # One: The Golf Course Owners.
According to the County Tax records, the golf course property changed hands on December 18 of last year. The Buyer is an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) by the name of “Tree City”.

Per the transfer tax recorded on the deed, they apparently paid just under $9,000,000 for the property.

I am trying to ascertain whether they financed some or all of this purchase, or if it was an all cash purchase, since financing for these types of properties is not easy to come by.

Player # Two: The San Ramon City Council

Mayor Bill Clarkson
Term Expires: 2016

Vice Mayor Scott Perkins
Term Expires: 2016

David E. Hudson
Term Expires: 2018

Philip G. O’Loane
Term Expires: 2016

Harry Sachs
Term Expires: 2018

Player # Three: The San Ramon Planning Commission.

Jeanne Benedetti (term expires June 2018)

Rick Marks (term expires June 2018)

Donna Kerger (Term expires June 2016)

Eric Wallis (Term expires June 2016

Bilal Patel (term expires June 2016)

(Note. For some reason, the Planning Commission refuses to post their emails on the City website, unlike the City Council members. I will provide these emails shortly).

Player # Four (Because of course, it needs to be a Foursome, if we’re going to be talking “Golf”!
Us. The surrounding Homeowners.

Possibly the biggest stakeholders in this whole venture.

Current takeaway;

One thing to note, is that three Council Members and three Planning Commissioners terms expire this year! Could that have anything to do with the questions a lot of homeowners received last month from a telephone survey company asking things such as;

“How well do you think your City is being run?”

“Are you happy with your City Government, and its elected officials?”

Would you like to see the pool and clubhouse improved?”

“Do you think it would have an adverse effect on property values if the Golf Course were closed and the greens were allowed to be overgrown”?

These could all be indicators of an attempt to offer a slate of candidates in November that may be more favorable to a development of sorts. Since the course is currently zoned “Recreation/Open Space” it would require, I am told by numerous sources, a three-fifths majority of the Council AND the Planning Commission to rezone to something suitable for housing.

I will be attending the next Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, May 3rd and will continue to post any and all new developments.

5 Responses to “New Owners of San Ramon Golf Club”

  1. Linda says : Reply

    Would it have killed you guys to let the kids finish the swim season? Really.

  2. Rob Maser says : Reply

    Great piece. Are you interested in helping community members stop the development?
    Get in on the discussion thread on the Nextdoor app. Available for iPhones although I could not find it for ipads.
    There will likely be a group meeting Friday night or Saturday morning


  3. HARRY SACHS says : Reply

    Hi. To clarify: the SR Golf Course is zoned “golf course” per SR zoning ordinance page 2-48. It also takes a 4/5 vote of both the planning Commission and the city council to change the zoning.

  4. John Wahlgren says : Reply

    I believe the zoning was changed last election or the one before to rec,open space ,the first step to a corrupt city gov.t to line there pockets thru the zone transitions to eventually get what they need for developers to move forward ,Citizens will be the victims once again as there home values plummet .

  5. Been Burned says : Reply

    A little online research will show that Tree City LLC representative is Ronald Richards. A little more online research will show that this is one of many golf courses that have been bought by these new owners. They have history of declaring BK and selling to new LLC. Research Silverstone Ranch golf course in Nevada. Silverstone Ranch was also protected by covenants and restrictions. Research Oasis Ranch LLC and Rancho Mirage Golf Course. Good luck.

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