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Testimonials From Our Customers

After a few showings, Joe and Lindy found us the home we were looking for. Within a short time, the deed was done, and we had our dream home. Great job, and thanks again.

San Bruno

Helen Vanover and Ruth Byrbholf   

Lindy was very professional. Always on time, was very thorough and made the experience easier for me to understand. She made the process tolerable and less hectic for sure. I will recommend Lindy to my friends. She’s a real pro!

Pleasant Hill

John Carr   

Joe and Lindy had to deal with erratic seller demands and a low appraisal. They are very competent, professional, and patient, generous with their time and easy to reach.


Jacques Ouziel   

Joe went out of his way to accommodate us.


Hale and Alice Tolleth   

We met Joe and Lindy four years ago. We called them when we were ready to sell our home. Joe and Lindy were on top of everything! They held our hand throughout with full explanation.

San Ramon

Judith and Oskar Nadjari   

Joe negotiated a lower price with the seller. We are very pleased with the outcome. Joe is kind, funny, professional and knowledgeable.


Nanci Oberg and Ed Wolske   

Joe and Lindy represented us in the sale of our residence and the purchase of a replacement. Both transactions were completed to our complete satisfaction and in a most professional manner. We have recommended them to others.

Walnut Creek

Wayne and Elaine Ove   

Joe and Lindy handled coordination of tenant leaving the property, replacement of carpet, and other repairs to property in anticipation of sale. Thank you Joe Norton!

Portland, OR

Tom Rieger   

We were kept up to date on all information throughout the transaction. Lindy worked closely with us for six months searching for the perfect place for us. She always had our best interest at heart.


Breanna and Jake Haling   

Our home took a long time to sell, but Joe and Lindy stuck with me as I did the same with them. Lindy and Joe took me under their wings and went above and beyond what was expected of them.


Diane Goetting   

Both Lindy and Joe were always available when I needed them. I would not be living in my first house if it wasn’t for them. Lindy and Joe sold my grandma’s condo for our family years ago. I am so happy to have known them for as long as I have. They are phenomenal individuals and are the best realtors I know. I will always refer them to people I know who would like to buy or sell a house.

San Ramon

Jenelle Allegro   

Joe Norton represented the sellers 9 years ago when we purchased our house and we were impressed with his professionalism then. Since then, we have seen Joe and Lindy signs often in Round Hill North. He encouraged us to put up a “coming soon” earlier than I would have done. That was the right thing to do as the house sold for the full asking price within days. Joe and Lindy stayed on top of the many details throughout the whole process (even when they were out of the country for a while). Joe always had a solution for every challenge that arose. My wife and I very much appreciated his positive “can-do” attitude.

Bellevue, WA

Ron and Mary Kuhl   

Joe was our property manager; he and Lindy helped with what needed to be done to get the property ready for sale.

Walnut Creek

Donna Magee   

Joe and Lindy really accommodated us at all times, even on weekends, etc. We will definitely go to Joe and Lindy for future needs. They are awesome people and we appreciate all they have done for us dearly.


Michelle and Jason Pak   

Joe and Lindy are pros! They ensured the process was smooth and we were always aware of progress.


Roya Azimi and Armand Abhari   

Joe Norton and Lindy Penfold seemed to go the extra mile. Very knowledgeable. I felt I was in good hands. Job well done!


Keith Mell   

Lindy assisted to get our home over 10 other offers and followed up with all inspections, repairs, etc. She provided great service from beginning to end. Even to this day she has been following up with the previous owners with our requests.

San Ramon

John and Wendy Hurst   

Joe showed our home; very aware of it and always a pleasure. He has also helped with many items after the sale.


Paul and Constance Morris   

Thank you Joe and Lindy, for your complete devotion and untiring efforts in getting my home sold. You went far beyond the expectations of any realtor I have ever had experience with!

San Ramon

Elaine Rich   

I just wanted to take a moment and express my complete satisfaction with Joe and Lindy. Because I am a commercial real estate agent, I felt that the representation I needed was minimum, but what I got in return was first class, ethical, knowledgeable, drop-everything service. You have two outstanding agents in Joe and Lindy!

San Ramon

Dennis Deandre   

Joe and Lindy extended every convenience to us.

Santa Clara

Gregory Acton   

Joe dealt extremely well with one difficult buyer and kept the 2nd offer couple informed. We have worked with Joe and Lindy several times before. They are very knowledgeable, professional and helpful.


Bill and Ginnie Tomlinson   

My son and his wife referred me to Joe Norton and Lindy Penfold. It has been a long and hard time, however, Joe was always there, always suggesting what we should do with the home, how we could improve the possibilities of obtaining an offer and get the home into escrow. We went into escrow three times and each time, Joe was there with a positive attitude, trying his very best to look out for our concerns. I commend Joe for his sincere attitude and for continuously keeping us informed on what was going on.


David Langlois   

Joe and Lindy are exceptional realtors and consistently demonstrate professionalism, honesty, and integrity.


Geoff Robles   

Joe sold us our old house and has kept in touch for 15 years. With this sale we had many unexpected problems with our buyer but Joe and Lindy knew exactly what to do and got us all through it. They are outstanding realtors. They work hard for you and when glitches arise they help you through them all the way. No finer realtors than Joe and Lindy. Alain Pinel should be proud to have them working in their company.


Linda and Norman Giannotti   

Lindy kept in touch and I had appreciated her two years ago for her professional help on selling my house. All details of this sale were handled in a timely manner. Everything went smoothly with no chaos. Lindy was very punctual and kept making the right decisions for making the deal happen on time. Her insight of when and how were very clean and concise. She is a real pro!

Walnut Creek

John Carr   

Selling and buying a home are very hard things to do. Joe and Lindy made it easy and helped us find value and a beautiful home.

San Ramon

Debi and Mike Shanahan   

Lindy was always available when needed. We had the best experience with Lindy! We could not have asked for a better agent!

San Ramon

Josh and Heather Kramer   

When we met Joe Norton, he was courteous and friendly without being too “pushy”. Joe Norton and Lindy Penfold are very professional and knowledgeable. They are an asset to your company.


Horacio Asbun   

Joe and Lindy went above and beyond the call of duty. They helped us sell our home quickly and seamlessly and helped us purchase the home of our dreams. We can’t thank them enough.


Anush and Phillip Alexander   

Joe pulled strings each step of the way to make the process work with my crazy schedule. Very helpful. I really enjoyed working with Joe and Lindy! Thanks!


Ryan Arnold   

Joe is very knowledgeable and gives good advice to facilitate the sale of the property. He and Lindy are very much in tune with the current market situation of Contra Costa County and the surrounding areas. Their advice as the market value of the property, how to present the property in the best light, and how to negotiate the fine points in the various offers to purchase, all proved to be correct. As our experience with them was positive, we can truthfully recommend Joe and Lindy for your consideration.


Louis C. Rauscher   

Joe and Lindy helped us get a decent price for our lot. We have used Joe and Lindy in the past and have been happy with their professionalism and expertise. We enjoy Joe’s humor and positive attitude and we think Lindy is the brains of the operation. Seriously, they make a great team and we appreciate all they’ve done for us.


Nanci Oberg and Ed Wolske   

Joe and Lindy have made our home search and home purchase a pleasant experience overall. They are absolutely great! We have been working with them for quite a while and they have always been very professional, very accessible, very reliable, and very pleasant to work with overall!! Even after we closed escrow, they have been very helpful with any questions that we have had.

San Ramon

Carrie Freeman and Christopher Kuenle   

Joe Norton and Lindy Penfold handled the sale of our home in a highly professional manner and well beyond our expectations. In spite of representing both sides of the sale, we believe they were fair and prudent in handling our side of the transaction. Joe and Lindy’s experience and understanding of the market and our neighborhood made the process more efficient and valid. Joe and Lindy are excellent real estate professionals who I have and would recommend to anyone. Their understanding of when and what to communicate with clients is uncanny.

San Ramon

Laurie and Ken Schaumburger   

Joe showed good strategy in getting our final offer up to our asking price at the time. He found us a convenient title company that I liked. He was always open-minded and flexible. He appreciated our loyalty.


David Johnson   

All inspections, meetings, issues handled by Joe and Lindy. They have experience to handle anything that comes up. 70% of other realtors dump you on the title company once the offer is accepted, but we had updates from Joe daily. Joe and Lindy are the best realtors we have ever worked with. We have bought and sold over nine houses in the last ten years and they are well beyond any other! They have our business for life.

San Ramon

Estela and Bryan Keels   

Prompt email responses and updates, showed up unexpectedly at last signing (for just a few papers not completed properly by the other agent and title company). I have already recommended Joe and Lindy to another friend looking for a house in Concord/Walnut Creek.

San Ramon

Randy Riley   

We were referred to Joe and Lindy from our home stager. Our house was very difficult to sell because of a declining market, busy road, and proposed fire station next door. Joe and Lindy stood by us through everything- very professional and organized at closing of escrow.


Nanci Oberg and Ed Wolske   

Everything was done with promptness and precision; very professional. We will use them to find our future home.

Peter and Terre Hepburn   

I was a prior client. From start to sale and closing, Joe and Lindy took care of every detail. They were very helpful in preparing the property for sale.


Dave and Anne Rainero   

We sold without having to fix up the property or stage it. It was a successful sale in a short time span. Joe and Lindy were always available in person or by phone and actually listened to what I said.


David Van Hoesen   

I chose to return to Washington State after I purchased. Lindy was left to navigate EVERYTHING to and beyond closing with not only the Title Company, but also with the “Powers that Be” at Rossmoor. She deserves more money one this sale than she actually received! I am very impressed with Lindy Penfold. I will refer others to her with a strong recommendation.

Walnut Creek

Lois Packer   

Buyer was difficult, but Joe handled it all well and stood up for what was in my best interest. Joe and Lindy are great. They took care of everything, which was important to me being that I live out of state.

Grants Pass, OR

Beryl Stoll   

Joe Norton held our hands throughout the process. He’s a true professional!!! We will refer all friends, family (and others) to Joe and Lindy. They are the best!


Clifton and Margaret Louie